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Biometrics Consortium U.S. government group researching biometric technology

Biometrics Links Tuniversity labs and equipment vendors

IEEE 802.11x and 802.11aa IEEE standards for authentication

Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol Official page from its inventors, MIT

Liberty Alliance Distributed authentication project comprising more than 100 organizations and corporations

PKI Forum Infon Public Key Infrastructure and digital signatures



Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Alliance of more than 2,000 companies developing Bluetooth products

Bluetooth Tutorial From Virginia Tech, in PDF format.

Comparison of Bluetooth tother short-range wireless standards From Wireless Developer Network

Ericsson's Bluetooth Site Technical information mixed with vendor hype, from the technology's inventors

IEEE 802.15 Group Open standard based on Bluetooth

Incisor Free monthly magazine published by the Bluetooth SIG's PR company


Cable Television Networks

Cable Datacom News Online magazine covering the cable modem industry

CableLabs Certified Cable Modem Project Formerly DOCSIS, the standard for sending data over cable TV

Cable Modem Tutorial Comprehensive guide tcable modems from the site

IEEE 802.14 Standards for cable modems from the IEEE


Cellular Telephone Networks

3G Americas Alliance representing the American GSM and TDMA industry, formerly the UWCC

3GPP2 Responsible for CDMA2000, the 3G standard used in parts of America and Asia.

CDMA Development Group (CDG) Industry consortium responsible for the cdmaOne (IS-95) standard.

GSM Association Alliance of companies and governments that sets and promotes GSM standards.

International Mobile Telecommunications 2000 (IMT-2000) The ITU's original vision for 3G

Mobile Broadband System Theory and Tests 4G wireless

Open Mobile Alliance Develops WAP, the text-based wireless Web

Personal Handyphone System (PHS) Popular Japanese system

Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Responsible for UMTS, the European and Japanese 3G standard

UMTS Forum Organization set up tpromote UMTS, while 3GPP develops the standards



Cryptography FAQ Series of tutorials on all aspects of crypt

Encryption and Security-Related Resources Hundreds of links about cryptand security

Handbook of Applied Cryptography Entire book available for free download, in PDF and PS format.

International Association for Cryptologic Research Current research in crypt

Introduction tCryptography Extensive site, from SSH Communications

Snake Oil Warning Signs Deflating hype about "unbreakable" encryption

Centre for Quantum Computation Quantum cryptography, and quantum code-breaking


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL Forum Group promoting DSL, with information on the full alphabet soup

DSL Life Aimed at consumers, with basic tutorials on ADSL and DSL Lite

Overview of DSL standards With a particular emphasis on Asia, from AsiaBizTech News and analysis site covering the DSL industry, from consultants Telechoice


Domain Name System (DNS)

Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) Free software that runs most of the Internet's DNS servers

DHCP Resources on the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

FAQs on DNS From Internic, a registry of domain name registrars

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Organization in overall charge of the DNS

YouCann Unofficial rival tICANN

, campaigning for more top-level domains



10 Gbps Ethernet IEEE task force home page

10 Gbps Ethernet Alliance Group of companies promoting it

10 Gigabit Ethernet Comprehensive report, online or in PDF and PS format, from OhiState University.

Ethernet resources Links tmany resources related tEthernet


Fiber Optics

Fiber Cables A tutorial

Fiber Optics A tutorial

Fiber Optics for Networks A short magazine article

Fiber Optics Resources From SUNY Stony Brook Physics Dept.


High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)

HDLC and Derivatives Description of many HDLC-based protocols

RFC 1662 and RFC 2687 Official and proposed PPP/HDLC standard

Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) Forerunner tHDLC, from Techfest


History of Networking

Brief History of Networking Timeline from 1791 t2000, from Silk Road Consulting

History of Computing Huge and detailed site, from Virginia Tech

History of Radio From Marconi and Tesla tcell phones

Hobbes' Internet Timeline With links tkey papers

How the Internet Came tBe By Vint Cerf, inventor of packet-switching

Internet History Resources from the International Federation of Library Associations

Morse Telegraph The original data networking technology

Short History of Internet Protocols at CERN Where the Web was invented


IEEE 802

IEEE 802 Committee Page Home page of the IEEE 802 committee

IEEE 802.1 Access Control, Quality of Service and Network Management

IEEE 802.3 (CSMA/CA) See alsEthernet

IEEE 802.5 (Token Ring) Still used in many networks

IEEE 802.11 (Wireless LAN) See alsWi-Fi Alliance

IEEE 802.15 (Wireless PAN) See alsBluetooth

IEEE 802.16 (Wireless MAN) Fixed broadband (MMDS and LMDS)

IEEE 802.17 (Resilient Packet Ring) Fiberoptic MAN

Download full IEEE 802 standards Available free six months after they are published, in PDF format

802.11 Planet News and hype about IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs


Internet Backbones

Mapnet Dynamic Java maps of the Internet, from CAIDA

North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG) Mailing list for network architects

Russ Haynal's ISP Page Information on major Internet routes


Internet Management

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) IP address registry for the Americas and Africa

Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) IP address registry for the Asia-Pacific region

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Telecommunications regulator in the United States.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) United Nations bureau in charge of telecom

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Has overall responsibility for IP addresses and domain names.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Handles domain names and the DNS

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Sets protocols and publishes Requests for Comment (RFCs)

Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE) IP address registry for Europe and the Middle East

World Internetworking Alliance (WIA) Unofficial coalition of the other groups that govern the Internet

World Wide Web Consortium Academic/industry group that sets Web markup languages


Internet Protocol (IP)

IP Addressing Tutorial on IP addressing

IP Routing Links regarding BGP, OSPF, MPLS, etc.

IPv6 General information about IPv6

IPv6 Forum Industry consortium promoting IPv6

IPv6 Links Sun Microsystems links tIPv6 pages

RFC 791 - Defines IPv4

RFC 2460 Defines IPv6

RFC Sourcebook Very detailed information on and IP related protocols

RouterGod Humorous tutorials about IP routing



Building a LAN Links tmany LAN resources

Ethernet Links about Ethernet

IEEE 802.11 (Wireless LAN) See alsWi-Fi Alliance

LAN Protocols   An introduction tLANs from Cisc

LAN Switching LAN switching tutorial from Cisc

Token Ring Information about IEEE 802.5

Wireless LANs Wireless LAN Association


Mobile IP

IP Routing for Wireless/Mobile Hosts IETF working group in charge of mobile IP

Mobile IPv6 Four very detailed whitepapers from Nokia, in PDF format.

Mobile IP Tutorial Covers v4, from Internet Computing

Mobile IP Tutorial Covers v4 and v6, from Network Magazine

RFC 3220 Defines the basic mobile IP protocol (updates RFC 2002)

RFC 3024 Defines reverse-tunneling, used for topologically correct routing



H.323 Information Site Technical details on the main IP telephony protocol

Internet Telephony A tutorial

JPEG Information and links about the JPEG standard

MPEG Information and links about the MPEG standard

Open H.323 Attempt tcreate a free and open-source H.323 implementation

RTP Real Time Protocol

RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol

SIP Forum Information on the Session Initiation Protocol, used tset up multimedia IP links

Streaming Audio A tutorial on Winamp, Shoutcast, MP3, and more

Voice-Data Integration White paper from IBM

Voice over IP Various references

Telecom Scenarios 2010 Research project intmultimedia apps of broadband wireless networks



Network Administration

IEEE 802.1 Covers network management

Network Uptime Site for network technicians and managers

SimpleWeb Tutorials on SNMP and network administration

Traceroute Tools ttrace the route taken by IP packets from 60 coun


Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model

OSI Networking Layers Online tutorial from New MexicHighlands University

Protocol Stacks in Relationship tthe OSI Model Where common protocols fit in the stack

OSI Routing Protocol tutorial from Cisco

  Understanding OSI Online book, by John Larmouth of Salford University


Point-to-point Protocol (PPP)

  Frequently Wanted Information on PPP from the newsgroup comp.protocols.ppp At

  PPP Extensions Working group at the IETF

  RFC 1661 The original PPP specification

  What is PPP? Instructions on using the protocol, from the Linux Documentation Project


Hacking and Cracking

  BugTraq Mailing list on software security holes, from SecurityFocus Online version of popular quarterly magazine for hackers

  Interhack Research Studies the latest techniques of attackers

  Nmap Free utility that scans a system for weaknesses



  Carnivore Detailed infon the FBI's "diagnostic tool"

  Echelon FAQ Infon the secret global spy network

  Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Campaigns for online privacy and other rights

  Espionage 101 Introduction telectronic industrial espionage

  Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Privacy polices in XML

  Practical Privacy Online guide, from EPIC

  Privacy.Net Real-time tool that tests browsers tsee how much data they reveal

  Tempest Information Page Are all networks vulnerable twireless sniffers?


Professional and Technical Organizations

  Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Worldwide, for IT people

  ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM)

  Communications Management Association (CMA) European, for network managers

  International Engineering Consortium (IEC) U.S., for the electronics industry

  IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) Worldwide

  IEEE Communications Society (IEEE Com Soc) Worldwide

  Internet Architecture Board (IAB) Worldwide, in overall charge of Internet protocols

  Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Worldwide, sets protocols and publishes Requests for Comment (RFCs)

  Internet Society Worldwide, promotes Internet development


Remote Procedure Call

  RFC 1831 IETF's version of  RPC

  Tutorial on Sun RPC Fairly detailed discussion of Sun RPC



  Audio/VideTransport Working Group Drafts and RFCs about AVT

  Differentiated Services Working Group Drafts and RFCs about DS

  Integrated Services Working Group Drafts and RFCs about Intserv

  MPLS Working Group Drafts and RFCs about MPLS

  OSPF Working Group Drafts and RFCs about OSPF

  PIM Working Group Drafts and RFCs about PIM

  RSVP Working Group Drafts and RFCs about RSVP



  RTP FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about RTP

  RTP Information Description of RTP plus links

  RTP News From Columbia University

  Real Time Transport Protocol Description of RTP

  RFC 1889 Defines RTP


Quality of Service

  IP QoS A tutorial from Helsinki University of Technology

  IP QoS Magazine article

  QoS Tutorial From Cisc

  QoS over IP Many links from OhiState University


Satellite Networks

  Globalstar Operational nearly-global network of 48 LEsatellites

  GPS Interactive tutorial using Shockwave, from GPS manufacturer Trimble

  GPS Tutorial Online and downloadable book

  ICO Under-construction global broadband data network of 10 MEsatellites

  Inmarsat The original mobile satellite communications provider

  Intelsat The first and largest commercial satellite operator

  Iridium Operational global voice network of 66 LEsatellites

  Lloyd's satellite constellations Comprehensive site focused on data networking by satellite

  Orbcomm Operational narrowband data network covering most of the world

  Satellite Industry Association Represents the U.S. satellite industry

  Skybridge Planned global broadband data network of 80 LEsatellites

  SkyReport Daily news on the satellite industry

  Spaceway Planned broadband data network from satellite giant Hughes

  Teledesic Planned global broadband data network of 30 MEsatellites



  Anonymous Remailer FAQ Some information and links about anonymous remailers

  CERT Coordination Center Publishes regular alerts and updates about security issues

  Computer Security Institute (CSI) - Information on most network security threats

  Encryption and Security-Related Resources Hundreds of links about cryptand security

  IPsec Working Group Drafts and RFCs about IPsec

  PGP Home Page Code, documentation, and more

  Ross Anderson's Home Page Has links thundreds of security-related pages

  SANS Institute Studies information security and other networking problems

  Secure Computing Magazine Online version of monthly security magazine

  Security Focus Daily news site about network security, recently sold tSymantec

  TCP/IP Vulnerabilities Security issues with the protocol

  Transport Layer Security IETF Working group


Social Issues

  Anonymous Remailer FAQ Some information and links about anonymous remailers

  Article about the Felten-DCMA Case From the Washington Post

  Copyright and Fair Use From the Stanford University Library

  DMCA Cases From the Electronic Frontier Foundation

  Internet Filters How the most popular ones actually work

  Internet Freedom of Speech Cases - From the Electronic Frontier Foundation

  Internet Freedom of Speech Cases From the American Civil Liberties Union

  Steganography Various links

  TCPA/Palladium FAQ From Ross Anderson

  Why Type 1 Anonymous Remailers Were Abandoned From the Washington Post


Spread Spectrum

  802.11 and Spread Spectrum A short tutorial article

  ABCs of Spread Spectrum - A Tutorial

  Frequency-Hopping Patent The original Hedy Lamarr patent

  A Tutorial on Spread Spectrum and Packet Radio A Tutorial


Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)

  Sonet Home Page Tutorials, vendors, FAQs, standards, books, etc.

  SONET Introduction From Worcester Polytechnic

  SONET Overview From the IEC


Standards Organizations

  American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

  ATM Forum

  Bluetooth Special Interest Group

  IEEE Standards Committee

  IETF Home Page

  IETF (RFC page)

  International Standards Organization (ISO)

  International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

  MPLS Forum

  TIA sets Interim Standards, which are later ratified by ANSI

  Wireless Ethernet Alliance

  World Wide Web Consortium



  Networking Links A useful collection of TCP/IP related links

  RFC 793 - Defines TCP

  RFC 1180 Tutorial on TCP/IP

  RFC 1644 T/TCP: TCP for Transactions

  TCP/IP FAQ Q&A about TCP/IP and related protocols

  TCP/IP Protocols Links tpages about TCP/IP and other Internet protocols

  TCP/IP Resources Long list of links and offline references

  TCP/IP Tutorial In four parts

  TCP/IP Vulnerabilities Security issues with the protocol

  TCPSat Techniques tmake TCP/IP work over satellite links, from NASA

  Transport Layer Security IETF working group standardizing SSL

  Wireless TCP Paper from OhiState discussing various approaches



  Multicast Transport Protocols Links tmany lesser-used protocols

  Real Time Transport Protocol Description of RTP, the UDP variant used for streaming

  RFC 1889 Official definition of RTP

  RFC 768 - Official definition of UDP

  User Datagram Protocol Details on UDP, from Massachusetts University



  IEEE 802.1Q Home Page Many 802.1Q links

  Virtual LANs Links tarticles about VLANs

  Virtual LANs A VLAN tutorial from Intel


Voice over IP

  Voice over IP Tutorial magazine article

  IP Telephony Page full of  VoIP links from OhiState University

  Protocols and Resources Another page full of VoIP links


Wide Area Networking (WAN) Protocols

  Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Forum Vendor and carrier alliance

  Cell Relay Retreat Lots of information on ATM, from Indiana University

  Frame Relay Forum Alliance of vendors, carriers and consultants

  Frame Relay Tutorials Detailed information and links, from Alliance Datacom

  X.25 Compared tTCP/IP Introduction, from Sangoma Technologies

  X.25 Overview Detailed information, from Techfest

  X.25 Tutorial Interactive program for Windows or Mac, 500 KB download


Wireless Networks

  FCC Wireless Communications Bureau Manages U.S. radispectrum

  The Resurrecting Duckling Paper on security problems with wireless networks

  Wi-Fi (WECA) Tests that IEEE 802.11 equipment actually adheres tthe standard

  Wireless LAN Association Industry consortium promoting wireless LANs

  Wireless Research From Stanford University

  Wireless Research From the University of California at Berkeley

  Wireless Research From  the University of California at San Dieg

  Wireless Research From Carnegie Mellon University

  White Papers on Mobile and Wireless Communication Background papers


Wireless Web

  I-mode NTT DoCoMo's i-mode home page

  I-mode FAQ - A general FAQ about WAP

  I-mode FAQ A technical FAQ about WAP capabilities

  I-mode resources Many links relating ti-mode

  Java and the Wireless Web When the wireless Web catches on, Java will be there

  Open Mobile Alliance Develops WAP, the text-based wireless Web

  WAP FAQ Q&A about WAP

  WAP Tutorial A tutorial with references and resources

  WAP versus i-mode A comparison


  Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Comm Terms Searchable online Searchable encyclopedia of networking protocols, from equipment maker RAD

  TechWeb TechEncyclopedia Illustrated online encyclopedia

  Webopedia Another searchable online dictionary of networking terms

Networking (General Sites)

  ATM Information on ATM networks

  Communications Engineering Free online course, from Aberdeeen University

  Data 101 WAN Learning Center Guide tmost wide area protocols, from Pulse

  Internetworking Technology Handbook Vast online guide, from Cisco

  Introduction tNetworking and Data Communications Free comprehensive book, by Eugene Blanchard

  Networking Conference Dates maintained by Tim Moors at School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of New South Wales

  Network Tutorial Online book, from Network Magazine